Release No. 05 // Back to the Future

January 19, 2020

Release No. 05 // Back to the Future

Remember when the year 2000 sounded so futuristic, far away and filled with promise? We were gonna get jet packs, flying cars and entire meals condensed into a tiny pill (okay, as a restaurant, maybe we’re kinda glad that last one never happened).
Now the calendar reads 2020, and we still can’t even shuttle to Mars for a long weekend?!? Thanks for nothing, science.
Fortunately, all this doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of the future. It’s why we chose the theme for this quarter’s Lazy Dog Beer Club kit — the first of the new decade— unleashing forward-thinking brewmasters to envision the perfect taste for a trip to tomorrow. 

In Auburn, California, the gang at Knee Deep Brewing got visions of a deadly — but delicious — robot apocalypse. Across the country in Cooperstown, New York, Ommegang wondered if an android’s circuitry would allow it to throw back a brew. Over in San Luis Obispo, CA , the SLO Brew crew saw themselves as newly-appointed guardians of the galaxy, determined to colonize the cosmos. Five hours up the coast in Lodi, California, High Water Brewing developed a trippy, tangy, raspberry-infused space oddity.

Check out all the details below. Similar to the crew of the USS Enterprise, it’s our mission to explore strange new brews, seek out unexpected flavors and go where no beer club has gone before. We’re glad you’re part of our crew.


Ever wonder what you might be doing, right now, in an alternate universe? With any luck, our doppelgangers are hanging with Steve from High Water Brewing, downing Mother Gose Missing — a trippy brew that mixes juicy red raspberries with a hint of salt. The result is 1.21 gigawatts of sweet and sour gose goodness, time-traveling back to a long-lost style of German beer. It’s perfect for spicy foods, hopping between dimensions — or light sipping as you binge your favorite sci-fi. 

Most of us went to college to drink beer, but did you know you could also learn how to brew it? Shout out to our pal Dean Roberts, who entered the brewing program at UC Davis, got an internship with Knee Deep Brewing Company, and now runs the entire brewing department. We’re big fans of Dean’s work, and you will be too once your lips touch Robots & Laserbeams, a West Coast IPA that looks like liquid gold. If this is what a robot uprising tastes like, please join us in welcoming our new 16-ounce overlords.  

Central California orange blossom honey and SLO Brew’s beloved Hefeweizen join forces in an uplifting concoction, perfect for downing on your next Taco Tuesday. Spicy food, they say, counterbalances the slight bitterness of the German magnum hops (as if anybody ever needed an excuse to down a beer and a taco). Much like the humble bumblebee taking flight from flower to flower, Star Colonizer looks up to the sky and sees endless potential.


Do androids dream of eclectic hops? It’s a question Brewery Ommegang pondered as they brewed up Alpha Sequence, an Amber Ale inspired in equal parts by old-school English ESBs and futuristic flicks like “Blade Runner,” “Akira” and “Tron.” Taking our theme to heart, Ommegang set out to craft a beer so timeless that it fits the future perfectly. The first beer designed for androids (we think), its lavender, spice, honey and notes of thyme will leave you thirsting for every last drop in the can until they’re lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to drink.

Did you catch all the sci-fi references above? If not, feel free to give ‘em a re-read and take a sip every time you find one. While you do that, we’re gonna get back to work on our Q2 release, which we promise will also be out of this world.
Until then, enjoy your LDBC kit and we’ll see you … (insert echo sound effect here) in the future!