What is the Lazy Dog Beer Club (LDBC)?
LDBC is a membership subscription created by beer lovers, for beer lovers. It gives members the opportunity to try a variety of beers from some of our favorite craft breweries and enjoy some amazing benefits in our restaurants. The day you sign up, you will receive the 1st kit! For each quarterly kit, our members will receive an 8-pack of 4 uniquely brewed beers from 4 breweries throughout the country. Some of the other awesome benefits are upgraded beers, priority seating, monthly draft beer samplers, 10% off takeout/curbside orders, and more!

When do my membership benefits start?
Your benefits start the day you sign up! As soon as you are a member, your 1st kit will be patiently waiting for you at your selected home store. Don’t forget about using your other benefits when stopping by the restaurant.

When do my membership benefits expire?
Your benefits are valid during the quarter in which you signed up. For example, if you signed up on 1/15, then your benefits will last until 3/31 and will auto renew on 4/1.

I received a gift membership. How do I redeem it?
Please contact our support team to help register your membership at help@ldbeerclub.com. To expedite the process, please include the purchaser's email address when emailing support. Please note, your account is not active until the gift membership is registered.

I am a charter member, will my benefits expire at the end of my membership year?
To keep your charter benefits, we sent an email to our charter members with a special link so you can continue your membership. If you were unable to do this, we offer the annual membership which is a great choice!


What is included in my beer kit?
The moment you sign up, you will be eligible for the 1st kit + glass! This kit will include four of our house beers. For the quarterly kits, each one is designed around a unique theme and will include 8 cans of beers from different breweries.

What are the other member benefits?
Draft Beer Upgrades
Benefit: receive a 22oz beer for the price of a 16oz beer on draft beer*
How to Redeem: simply give your phone number to the server so the discount can be applied.

Priority Seating
Benefit: put your name on the Priority Seating list when there is a wait at the restaurant.
How to Redeem: inform the host stand you are a member + provide them with your phone number. The restaurant staff will let you know the current wait time.

Monthly Draft Beer Sampler
Benefit: one draft beer sampler of your choice to enjoy in the restaurant each month. The sampler does not rollover and will refresh on the 1st of the month.
How to Redeem: show your phone number to the server when ordering a sampler and the discount will be applied.

10% Off Takeout/Curbside Orders
Benefit: receive 10% off takeout/curbside orders when ordering online with us. The monthly code will be sent to you on the 1st of each month.
How to Redeem: to take advantage of this benefit, be sure to place your order on our homepage HERE. When you are on the checkout page, please enter the monthly code to receive your 10% discount. Please note, your membership account is separate than the online ordering account.

Beer-to-Go Discount
Benefit: receive 10% off 4-packs, growlers and crowlers of our house beers. Please note growlers and crowlers are not available everywhere.
How to Redeem: show your phone number to the server so your discount can be applied.

Priority Access to Rare Beer Releases
Benefit: get early access to rare beer releases.
How to Redeem: you will receive an email about these special releases. Be on the lookout as there is a limited quantity produced for these releases, but we want you, our LDBC members, to have first grabs.

As long as we have beer lovers, the membership will never be complete! We are always looking for ways to make our member’s experience even better by adding new benefits.


How much does LDBC cost?
There are two memberships to choose from: quarterly and annual.

  • The quarterly membership is $39 + tax/quarter.
  • The annual membership is $175 + tax to sign up, which will include 5 kits: 1st kit + 4 quarterly kits (a $20 savings). When the annual membership renews, the price is $141 + tax/year, which you will then be eligible for 4 quarterly kits.

When will I be charged for the next quarter?
Since this is a quarterly program, all charge dates will occur on 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, and 10/1, regardless of sign-up day. If you are a quarterly membership that signed up on 4/15, then your next charge date would be on 7/1. If you are an annual member, you will be charged on the 5th quarter. For example, if you signed up for an annual membership on 4/15/21, then your next charge date would be on 7/1/22.

How do I cancel?
For all cancellation requests, please email us at help@ldbeerclub.com at least 5 days prior to your next charge. Please remember it is the members responsibility to email us with adequate time.


When do I get my 1st kit?
You can pick up your 1st kit at your home restaurant as soon as you sign up! Please inform the restaurant staff which kit you are picking up and you will need to provide your phone number and driver’s license.

When do I pick up the next quarterly kit release?
You will receive an email + text when it is time to pick up your quarterly kit. The beer kit is released in February, May, August, and November and will be available for a 21-day pickup window.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the quarterly kit release?
To be eligible for a quarterly kit, you must’ve been a member prior to the quarter and received a charge on the 1st of the quarter. For example, to qualify for the Q2 kit releasing in May, you must’ve been a member prior to 4/1 and received a charge on 4/1.

What if I can’t pick up my kit within the pickup window?
If you can’t pick up your kit within the given timeframe, please call your home restaurant and let a manager know when you are able to get your kit. Alternatively, if you would like someone else to pick up your kit, please call the restaurant with their information. 

What are the participating restaurants?
Lazy Dog Beer Club is available at all our restaurants, except for Alpharetta, GA. To check out our locations + hours, please click HERE.

Can I get my kit shipped to me?
Currently, we are not able to ship beers to our members. We apologize for any inconvenience.


My home location was Huntington Beach, what does that mean for my Beer Club Membership?
There is no impact to your membership. If you haven’t done so already, please reach out to us at help@ldbeerclub.com to confirm your new home store location. You can check out all of our locations HERE. The rest of your membership remains the same so you can enjoy your benefits as normal! 

Where do I pick up my quarterly beer kit?
You can pick up your beer kit at any participating location! However, to ensure your experience is uninterrupted, please reach out to us at help@ldbeerclub.com with the location you would like to be your new home store.


How is the LDBC membership different in Georgia?
Due to Georgia laws, membership must be purchased in-restaurant and cannot be purchased online. When your membership renews at the beginning of the quarter, the amount will appear as credit in your account wallet associated with your phone number. The credit will be used when your quarterly beer kit is ready for pick up.

I was charged for my next quarter’s subscription. Now what?
Thank you for continuing to be a beer club member. The charge on your credit card was moved to a credit in your account for use at Lazy Dog. This credit will let the restaurant know you are eligible for the quarterly kit once it is available. The credit should be used when you are picking up your beer kit. If you use these funds to purchase other food or drinks at Lazy Dog, you will have access to purchase the upcoming kit at the retail price.

Am I able to pick up my kit at another location?
Members are encouraged to pick up their kits at their home location. If you need to pick up at another GA location, please reach out to help@ldbeerclub.com.

Can I pick up my kit if I live in another state and am visiting Georgia?
No. Only Georgia members can pick up and redeem their kits in Georgia.


I purchased a LDBC membership online with my takeout order. How do I receive my benefits?
After completing your takeout order, you’ll be able to pick up your 1st kit with your order. You’ll also receive an email with instructions to register your membership. Once registered, you will receive your welcome email which includes important information regarding your membership.

I received my 1st kit but my phone number is not working towards the other benefits? 
Please follow the instructions in the registration email sent to you after picking up your order. Once completed, your phone number will start to work towards the amazing LDBC benefits!

I have not received an email to register my membership?
Please search for “Lazy Dog Beer Club” and check your junk/spam folder for the registration email. If you are unable to find the email, please reach out to us at help@ldbeerclub.com.

I bought this membership as a gift. In the registration email, can I input their information instead of mine?
In order to register the membership correctly, the individual who made the purchase will need to enter their information. If you would like to switch the account owner, please complete the registration under your name and then reach out to us at help@ldbeerclub.com.

When I tried registering, it said I already have a LDBC account?
If you receive this message, it may mean your email address or phone number was used for an LDBC account in the past. Please reach out to us for further assistance at help@ldbeerclub.com.

I already paid for my 1st kit when I purchased my online order, why do I need a credit card to register?
Your credit card is needed to complete your registration, but you will not be charged until the next renewal date which is stated on the website. Since this is a subscription to the beer club, a credit card is needed on file.

How long do I have to register after purchasing my membership?
Your registration link is valid for 90 days, but we suggest you register right away! Once you register, your $39 off promo will be activated and you can start using all the amazing takeout and in-restaurant benefits. 


What is a “home restaurant”?
When you sign up for the LDBC you must select a participating restaurant. You will be able to pick up your beer kits at this location.

Can I change my home location?
Yes! If you would like to change your home restaurant, please email us at help@ldbeerclub.com.

When I signed up, I'm supposed to receive a $39 promo. How does this work?
For a limited time, members receive $39 off their check when they sign up for LDBC. The $39 promo will be added to your account after sign-up. Please provide your phone number to the server to receive the discount.

Note all Terms and Conditions: The $39 off coupon code is only for new members. One offer per member per table. Offer valid for dine-in and take out/curbside orders. Not valid for online or 3rd party web orders and not valid on retail items. Excludes tax and gratuity. Expires 90 days from sign up.


Do I need to be a Beer Club member to attend a dinner event?
Dinner events are open to everyone (21 and older)! As a beer club member, you get early access to reservations and other fun perks. If you love beer why not join the club?
What are Lazy Dog dinner events?
Lazy Dog dinners are a series of special events hosted at your local Lazy Dog! Though each event is different, dinners include a specialty curated menu of Lazy Dog house favorites and drink pairings. Prepaid reservations are required. 
Do all Lazy Dog locations host events? 
Most of our locations will be participating in the events, but you can confirm when booking your reservation online. 
Am I able to make substitutions or changes to the menu?
Of course! We want to ensure you fully enjoy your meal, and we will work with you to accommodate any allergies or personal preferences. Please inform your server of any allergies or special requests. The menu is specially curated so there may be additional charges for any swaps or changed items.
How many drinks will I get?
Each dinner is different. Check the event menu to learn more! 
How do I make a reservation/buy a ticket?
Visit the Events page to reserve your spot. Select your location and preferred time and date. Once you confirm and submit payment, you’re all set! You will receive a confirmation email and text message.
What is included in the ticket price?
The ticket price includes the cost of dinner and drinks for two, taxes/fees, and 18% gratuity.
Do I need to tip?
Your prepaid ticket includes 18% gratuity, but you are welcome to leave some extra on the day of the event if your server goes above and beyond!
What happens if I can’t attend? How do I cancel my reservation? Can I get a refund?
To cancel, please contact events@lazydogrestaurants.com. 24-hour cancellation is required in order to get full refund. No-shows or cancellations made within 24-hours will not qualify for a full refund.
How do I change my reservation?
Reservation changes can be made by calling the restaurant.
Can I book for just one person?
At this time, prepaid event tickets are only available for groups of two. The dinner menu is curated for two guests to share.
Can I book for a large group?
Reservations are available for groups of two. However, we can adjust to accommodate a group. Please make multiple reservations for two, for the same date/time, and then reach out to the restaurant and ask to be seated as a group.

Can I bring my children to the event?
You are welcome to bring your family. Please make a reservation for two, then reach out to the restaurant via phone to update your party size and reservation. The kids menu will be available to order from, those items will need to be paid for the night of the event. 
I don’t see any open reservation spots. What does that mean?
If there are no available times for the date selected, the date may be fully booked. You can look for a different date to view other options. If there are no available times, reservations may be full or may have closed. Reservation close 24 hours before the event. If you missed this event, we will have more exciting event opportunities in the future.
I didn’t make a reservation. Can I still attend the event?
There are a small number of walk-in spots available, but we recommend that you make a reservation to secure your place. We only have a limited number of spaces open for the event each night.
I made a reservation at a different location but would like to attend at another location. Is that possible?
Your reservation is only valid at the location that you made the reservation. If you try to attend at another location, they may not be able to accommodate you. You can adjust your reservation ahead of time if needed, but it will need to be more than 24 hours ahead of the event.



See full LDBC terms & conditions HERE.

See full LD terms & conditions HERE.

*Upgrades are not applicable on select high ABV beers and cannot be combined with Happy Hour. The upgrade is available on draft beers which vary by location. Maximum 5 upgrades per dine-in visit, per day. 

All prices, offers, and details contained in the FAQs are subject to change at any time without notice.