LDBC Underground Release

As part of your membership, you get access to our LDBC Underground releases. What does this mean?

In a nutshell: We'll travel through the mists of Avalon to procure rad small batch/ hard to find beers + then hold them aside for you. [quantities are small...so first come, first serve] We will send you an email [like the one you just opened] whenever we find cool stuff. You can purchase these limited releases online to later pick-up at your favorite LD location. Capeesh?

LDBC Underground Release #1: a super limited quantity of two Belching Beaver small batch IPAs. We've decided to pair them up + create a rad 4-pack that includes:

2 Mosaic Double IPAs

100% Mosaic hops packed with complex aromas showcasing pineapple, citrus, passion fruit and grapefruit

2 Tooth & Tail Double Dry-hopped Hazy IPAs

A collab brewed with Coronado Brewing, a double dry-hopped regiment that created this layering of insane flavors - highlighting each individual hop around a silky smooth beer with notes of melon, pineapple + citrus

Pick-Up window starts 2/25/19 and Membership number will be required.