Charter Membership

For a limited time, become a Charter Member when you buy a full year of Lazy Dog Beer Club membership.  Charter Membership includes:

1 year of Quarterly Beer Kit Releases [Jan, April, July, Oct]
Each kit is designed around a unique idea + will include 8 total bottles and/or cans of hard to find beer from 3 different craft breweries. It will also include things like custom merch, limited edition prints, + things that make you smile​. The first kit will be available for pick up at your home Lazy Dog Restaurant + Bar in January 2019.

Throwback LDBC Cooler Bag*

Pick up at your home Lazy Dog Restaurant + Bar now!

Draft Beer Upgrades for you + your party***
From the day you join through 2019, when you dine with us, 16oz draft beers automatically become 22oz​.** As a Charter Member, anyone dining with you gets the same automatic 22oz beer upgrade, because, hey...any friend of yours is a friend of ours. 

Charter Member embroidered patch
You'll get a rad patch to customize your cooler bag when you pick up your first release in January. 

Seat on our exclusive LDBC Advisory Board  [Charter Member Exclusive]
As a fellow beer lover and early adopter, you must have great taste... so we're inviting you to help make the club more awesome by giving us feedback on breweries you'd be stoked to try, merch we should make, etc.

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*New members only. One per postal address and phone phone number.

**Not applicable on select high ABV beers + cannot be combined with Happy Hour.

***Upgrades can be used on up to 20 beers per visit, for up to 2 visits per day.