November 10, 2021


Meet the Olympians — a fascinating family of powerful Greek gods and goddesses that rule over the sea, sky and underworld. Worshipped and feared, the immortals have control over every aspect of human life. So, while the gods are kicking it up on Mount Olympus, us mortals offer gifts and sacrifices to please the deities, like fruit from the harvest or a basket of grains.
But there’s one thing that would surely make the gods happy: the delicious beers from this release. As much as we want to save this nectar all for ourselves, it’s time to share with mortals and Olympians alike.

the olympians beer cans
For this release, fate has brought us together with brewers of divine libations inspired by the gods. It’s been a Herculean effort, but we’re so stoked to finally get these brews in your hands! Let’s make a toast to the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. It’s with great pride and excitement that we introduce …

LDBC Release No. 12 // The Olympians

First, we’d like you to meet Demeter, the goddess of harvest and agriculture. Presiding over grains and the fertility of the earth, none of these brews (or our humble little club) would be possible without her. Our friends at Church Street Brewing in Itasca, IL, revived this style, a light amber kuitbier ale, aptly named Demeter. To honor the goddess, this beer is brewed with oats, barley and wheat just for us mortals to enjoy.

Demeter by Church Street Brewing
Demeter by Church Street Brewing
Next, we bring you The Journeyman — a mouthwatering vanilla imperial porter by the crew at The Virginia Beer Co. in Williamsburg, VA, and inspired by Hades. This brew is dark and layered like the underworld, but full of nuance, like Hades himself. This smooth and creamy brew is meant to be savored, much like the last moments a soul would enjoy on their fateful trip to meet the god of death.

The Journeyman by The VIrginia Beer Co.
The Journeyman by The Virginia Beer Co.
Hestia, the goddess of hearth and home, inspired the team at Brewheim, from Anaheim, CA, to create this next brew. Heim means home, and the team wants you to feel right at home, sitting by the roaring fire, protected by the goddess herself, when you crack open Hestia Flame. This orange-hued hazy IPA made with tangerine is a delight for the senses.

Hestia by Brewheim
Hestia Flame by Brewheim
Known as the god of music, dancing, archery, poetry, sun and light, Apollo is a jack of all trades, a deity who truly knows how to party. For our last beer, we have a crisp and divinely balanced pilsner with hints of citrus. One sip and you’ll hear the sick riffs from Apollo’s electric guitar. An all-quenching gift sent from the gods themselves — enter, Sun God Pilsner by Last Name Brewing in Upland, CA.

Sun God Pilsner by Last Name Brewing
Sun God Pilsner by Last Name Brewing
We hope these brews make you feel like a god among the mortals. Don’t forget to tag us in any pics you take of your new kit. Our team loves to see them out in the universe. As always, we thank you for supporting our club, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!