Underground Release #2

*This product is for pickup starting 4/2/19. Please select your desired pick-up location from the above dropdown menu.*

LDBC Underground Release #2

We have gotten our hands on a very limited quantity of [drumroll please] Founders KBS! 

This imperial stout was brewed with massive amounts of coffee and chocolate, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year, makin' sure those bourbon undertones come through in the finish. Yes, please! 

Pickup window starts 4/2/2019. LDBC Membership ID is required for pickup.  


What is an Underground Release?

As part of your Lazy Dog Beer Club membership, you get access to our LDBC Underground Releases. This means, we’ll travel high and low to procure rad, small-batch/ hard to find beers just for Beer Club members like you. [quantities are small...so first come, first serve]