Beer Club Membership

Today: Tue, Jun 25, 2019
Current Year: 2019
Next Year: 2020
Current Month: 6
Quarter: 2
Next Quarter: 3
Next Charge Quarter: 4
Next Charge Quarter Date: Wed, Sep 25, 2019
Next in Seconds: 1569394800
Today in Seconds: 1561446000
Charge Delay: 92 days

Join now to secure your spot for the next available Lazy Dog Beer Club Kit. Membership benefits start today!

Quarterly Membership 
• Quarterly Beer Kits: each release is designed around a unique idea and includes 8 beers + custom merch 
• Throwback LDBC Cooler Bag
• Draft Beer Upgrades
• Priority Access 

Charter Membership $140/yr
Join today for a full year to get all the quarterly member benefits plus: 
• Draft Beer Upgrades for you + your party
• Seat on our LDBC Advisory Board
• Charter Member embroidered patch

* Beer Kits will be released Jan, April, July and Oct.

Click here to find your closest Lazy Dog Restaurant.


 *New members only. One per postal address.
**Not applicable on select high ABV beers + cannot be combined with Happy Hour.
***Upgrades can be used on up to 20 beers per visit, for up to 2 visits per day. 

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